About US

BITS Vidya Niketan

"We believe every child is talented what they lack is teachers who asks the right questions."

Who We Are?

At Bits Vidya Niketan, we are passionate about many different things. In our heart of hearts, believe that there’s a change coming, one that’s long overdue, in the way that we need to teach our kids. We are here to help bring about that change. To challenge the status quo.

If you join us, your journey will be an adventure of a lifetime and will open up opportunities that contribute to a higher purpose. To excel in the society as we know it.

Do you dare to be a part of our “LearningRevolution”

WHY Choose
BITS Vidya Niketan?

Online tutoring is often more cost-effective than in-person tutoring. With no commute and access to a large number of students, Bits Vidya Niketan charges less in comparison to in-class tuition fees and provides high-quality education. There is no wonder that the future of learning is digital and Bits Vidya Niketan can be a proven, convenient, and revolutionary way to impart education to students from 6th to 12th grade by personalized mentorship and a positive environment, helping them to rather enjoy the journey as they study.

Experienced Faculty

We vet our faculty personally and create a lesson plan which will be suitable to young kids to follow through in the pace that they will be comfortable at.

Popular Courses

Our programs range from Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, etc., while also teaching the kids ways to utilize their knowledge by using real-world examples.

Guaranteed Career

We aim to focus on our student's interests and build them up step by step and eventually into higher ranks. We nurture a result-based environment. This helps them to navigate towards bright careers by guiding them into the country's highest-ranked colleges.