Leading your children from What to Why

At Bits Vidya Niketan, we are passionate about many different things. In our heart of hearts, believe that there’s a change coming, one that’s long overdue, in the way that we need to teach our kids. We are here to help bring about that change. To challenge the status quo.

Let's get started to enhance your understanding.

We provide Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology programs to students starting from grades 6 to 12, via Live, Online, and Small Group Courses.

We Offer Four Programs

Math Program

Develop Math skills from basics, then advanced with hand in hand practice and fun.

Physics Program

Let’s learn about gravity, electrons, forces, pressure and much more with interactive examples.

Chemistry Program

Why do salts mix with water but oil doesn’t? Why is the colour of the gas flame blue but the colour of candle is yellow? Such are the questions that chemistry answers for you. Let’s hulk out our brains while trying not to blow some lab.

Biology Program

Building blocks of life is essential to learn how our bodies function as well as life around us work. Let’s understand and see how we can apply ourselves, to make lives better!

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Benefits Of Our Live Online Classes For Kids

Accelerated courses

Interactive 1:1 Sessions with Mentors

Personalized Learning

Small class size

Worry free Parents

Custom tutoring lessons

Expert Q & A s

Why Bits Vidyaniketan?

Online tutoring is often more cost-effective than in-person tutoring. With no commute and access to a large number of students, Bits Vidya Niketan charges less in comparison to in-class tuition fees and provides high-quality education.

Our online classes have been
taken by over 5,000+ Students so far

COVID did not stop our students’ progress. Bits Vidyaniketan achieved quite a few milestones! Our student and parent self-service portal was launched, and we upgraded our Math, English, Public Speaking, and Coding programs multiple times to better serve our students.


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